Housings rue Chance Milly




Rue Chance Milly


Construction d'un immeuble de logements de type P.L.U.S. et P.L.A.I

Project management:


Project manager:

Goudchaux Architecte & Associés


Esquisse - APS


880 m²

The project consists in the creation of an accomodation building composed of six floors, including grounf floor, and a park underground.
The architectural part consists in assuring the building’s integration, by asserting its identity in a heterogenous urban context.
The street facade will be composed of three sequences which will be treated as the local architectural diversity.
Indeed, differents contrasts will characterize the facade : colors contrasts (clear and dark), material contrasts (smooth and rough) and facade’s treatment contrasts.
The first sequence concerns the ground floor which will be treated stone on a height of 3.50m, then aligning itself with the adjoining ground floor ; according to the Uab11 article of clichy la Garenne’s POS.

The second sequence will be realized by a narrow band extending over six floors, strengthen the verticality of the building and which will be treated in rough aspect filler.
Then, the third sequence, very livened upand changeable, will be treated by panels laminated by smooth aspect and clear color.
A capelinage will give rhythm the facade where every floors will be the occasion of different treatment. From a floor to an another one, the capelinage, joineries’ rhythm and shutters sliding wood ‘s positionning, varying according to the building’s habitants, will be different.