HQE apartments - Bagneux




The present study has for object to verify the administrative feasibility with the aim of the construction of a set of housing of High environmental quality.

Project management:

Centuria Développement

Project manager:

Goudchaux Architecte & Associés


Etude de faisabilité


3958 m²

The envisaged constructive mode will be centred on the construction industrialized by type wood.
The given ground is situated on the municipality of Bagneux, in a real estate set with use of activity the owner of which wishes to densify and to value the set by taking advantage of the constructibility on a residual space of a surface about 9000 m ².
It is asked to verify the densification of the site by the construction of individual and collective housing with private and social character. The objective to achieve is about 9.000 m ² SHOB.

The present feasibility study will have for objective:
- The analysis of the site
- The study of the regulations and his(her,its) application to the project
- The definition of the typologies of housing
- Balance sheet(assessment) of surfaces and railing(bar) of distribution
- Definition of a program