Le Madeleine - Transformation du bâtiment « Aux Trois Quartiers »




Boulevard de la Madeleine / rue Duphot, Paris


Renovation of the Commercial Centre « Aux Trois Quartiers »

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MGPACBRE Artequation
SCI Quantum

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Goudchaux Architecte & Associés
Segers Architecte


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Sébastien Segers Architecte - Architecte Associé
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12000 m²

In 1998 the building named « Aux Trois Quartiers » located between the Boulevard de la Madeleine and the Rue Duphot in Paris 1st, was extended and refurbished by two Architects: Paul-Emile Friesé and Louis Faure-Dujarric.
The building was continuously extended until 1932, when it included the six currently existing buildings, providing an architectural assembly typical of the period.
The Building structure was renovated in 1986 by Jean-Jaques Ory and Jean-Michel Wilmotte .
The aim of the Project relies on the deletion of the current Commercial Mall and on the reorganisation of the building around three retail lots on the ground floor on one level. The access to the Office levels is moved to a new entrance lobby on the ground floor
The architectural design relies on the installation of neat and horizontal geometrical strips on the facade. These strips are made of First quality material. These are completed by bays of large dimensions.

The architectural design relies on a contemporaneous vision, and more specifically on a pattern of overhanging and setback items, combined with the outline of the building. The facade is made of white stone with non-visible joints. All solid parts are cladded with white polished Carrara marble providing the building with a monolithic high sensual base.
The marble base shall house sixteen very large show windows, ten door bays and a double height entrance to the offices.
The façade at 20 -22 rue Duphot has been renovated including large glazed volumes at ground floor level.