Tour Chicago cour des comptes, Paris 1




13, rue Cambon, Paris


Reconstruction of for the « Cour des Comptes » (Government control office) of an archive storage building into an office building.

Project management:

MINEFI DPAEP pour la Cour des Comptes

Project manager:

Daufresne Le Garrec & Associés - Architecte Mandataire
Goudchaux Architecte & Associés


Mission de base + DIA


Avel - Acoustique
BetHac - BET Fluides
Scyna4 - BET structure


8700 m²


11500000 €

The building has been designed in 1902 for the storage of the archives of the “Cour des Comptes”.
This is a refurbishing Project and the purpose is to provide an Office building for 200 people.
The regulation, security, ergonomics and environmental constraints in such a building that is a listed building (bâtiment inscrit à l’Inventaire Supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques )(I.S.M.H.) are important and complex.
The aim of the Project is to delete some floors and many bearing walls and some of the inside facades items, to modify it and meet the requirements resulting of its new function.