Argus de la presse 147 Mont Cenis - Paris 18




147 rue du Mont Cenis, Paris


Heavy rehabilitation of a former warehouse allowing the creation of a workspace dedicated to the internet and to the electronic rod of clipping

Project management:

Argus de la presse SA

Project manager:

Goudchaux Architecte & Associés


Mission de base


550 m²


626000 €

The project consists on teh heavy rehabilitation of a former warehouse and its transformation in offices.
The creation of this new work place is intended to receive premises of Argus de la Presse society.
The project is baised on the history of the place, that is to say of the existing buildings : a former detached house, its courtyard and its studio.
The technical constraint is global and has to disappear to let a new crystal clear space.
A space planning and ergonomic work is carried on work places.